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MICHAEL BRANDOW writes on society, the arts, and canine culture. He is the author of four books on subjects ranging from public policy to social history, memoir, and political commentary: New York’s Poop Scoop Law (Purdue, 2008); A Matter of Breeding: A Biting History of Pedigree Dogs (Beacon Press, 2015; Duckworth, 2016; Hakuyosha, 2019); Gone Walkabout (Amazon, 2019); and his latest title, What’s the Problem Now? Black Grievances and White Guilt (New English Review Press, 2023). He has contributed to many publications, including the New York Times and the New York Post. He began writing art and social criticism for The New Criterion at its founding in the 1980s (including his most recent “Found, or appropriated?”), and for Peter Collier and David Horowitz at Heterodoxy in the 1990s. Recent essays for Quillette and the Village Voice have been listed in The Best American Essays (“Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction”). He has been interviewed by many outlets, including The New Yorker (“Talk of the Town”), The Brian Lehrer Show, and the BBC (“Newshour,” BBC Radio London, &c.).

Photo: Michael James Bradford

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