October 1, 2019

An excerpt from GONE WALKABOUT: Confessions of a NYC Dog Walker ...

Andy Warhol, or so I’ve heard, once said that in New York City we have no stars in the sky—because, he supposedly said, they’re all on the sidewalk.

Though this does sound like something Warhol could have said, any seasoned dog walker, who spends more time on the pavement than just about anyone except homeless people,...

June 30, 2019

They all know the drill. Pavlov couldn’t have planned it better. Buzzer goes off. Stimulus sets off a four-legged frenzy with dogs barking, jumping, beside themselves with anticipation. Who, pray tell, is at the door? If a household has more than one ebullient beast, each intensifies the other, building the crescendo of yapping, howling, hopping and scratching to a fever pitch that w...

May 31, 2019

I’ve followed the blogs of my dogs since they were pups whizzing on Wee-Wee Pads or the nearest rug. I’ve shared proud moments as they’ve unlocked the powers asleep in their loins, learning to save their business for outdoors and using every drop wisely. A cute little guy I took on at three months, a breed becoming fashionable, a border terrier named Logan, was squatting like a girly...

May 5, 2018

 Digging at the AKC Library: The Art and Science of Dog Loving 

 Michael Brandow / Dogs Today, May 2018

 Read full text with endnotes below.

Click image below for article as it appeared in Dogs Today's post-Crufts issue May 2018:

Writing a history of pedigree dogs, I spent many months buried with dusty old books, paintings and assorted artifacts in the American Kennel Club’s op...

February 15, 2017

The German shepherd was invented in the 1890s as a symbol of Teutonic purity, but changed dramatically when he became a show dog, and even more when he was recast for the silver screen. Audiences were so impressed by his role as Rin Tin Tin that breeders crushed his hind legs and froze him permanently into the statuesque pose that everyone knew and loved. Lassie go home. Perhaps to d...

May 13, 2016

It was a storybook tale guaranteed to go viral.

A nice young couple from a small town in Michigan wants a second child, but as many heartbroken couples can identify, they’re having trouble. They feel their only daughter, who came after years of attempts at in vitro fertilization, needs a sibling to learn the value of companionship, caring, and responsibility. Unable to give her what a...

May 9, 2016

Samantha asked for hugs from morning till night.

Yesterday I woke up to a local news channel telling me it was no longer fashionable to hug our dogs. This was news to me.

I’ve spent the last twenty-some years caring for literally hundreds of my clients’ dogs in their homes, and my own dog in mine, from puppyhood until that final moment when they slip away in our arms. Based on my lar...

May 8, 2016

 Queen Alexandra on display at a dog show. Note the biscuit booth to the left.



Democracy always sells. So does aristocracy, and dog biscuits baked “By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen,” like the ones manufactured by an American entrepreneur named Spratt who helped to make Crufts a premier venue. From the start, and despite all pretenses to upholding higher causes, dog shows have...

March 28, 2016


 Why bother buying the dogs when Benjamin Moore lets you paint your digs Golden Retriever, Weimaraner, and Golden Lab?




After lemon and orange, “apricot” is another favorite flavor of dog, as in the “apricot poodle.” Ladies of leisure used to having high tea might prefer their poodles in “teacup” size. Chow chows come in “cream” and “cinnamon.” Many breeds are “dish-faced...

February 24, 2015



Dogs picked up a number of items along their way to our hearts, but few people today realize just how much the wolf lost when he moved into the house of Homo status conscious and became what one evolutionary biologist calls “Canis over-familiaris.”





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