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Talking with Psychology Today

about the new book.

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Got a lovely review and illustrated excerpt

in my favorite dog magazine.


Had to make room for this fabulous cover.

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Hakuyosha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Pure-Bred Problems


Some French bulldogs have trouble breathing. Golden retrievers can suffer from vision problems. And some pugs have weak hind legs.


Michael Brandow, commentator on dog issues and author of A Matter of Breeding: A Biting History of Pedigree Dogs and How the Quest for Status Has Harmed Man's Best Friend, discusses the growing dangers behind today's obsession with purebred dogs. 


UK Edition

Gerald Duckworth and Company Ltd

August 11, 2016

Dogs Today



Got in The New Yorker again.

My lambaste of irresponsible consumers who buy sick, deformed accessory pets made the cover of The Village Voice and has lots of panties in knots. Also made it into "Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction,"


It's an honor to be part of Hugh Dorigo's important new documentary on the root causes of animal homelessness.


Guests also include: Temple Grandin, Mark Derr, Marc Bekoff, James Serpell, and other leaders in their fields.


Read about:

My essay on political correctness and censorship:


Confessions of a Hello Kitty Killer:

The Pernicious Effects of Cuteness


Yes, this does have to do with dogs as well.

Quillette, a new platform for free thought and controversial ideas, has been raising eyebrows and getting press. Stunning endorsements from Steven PinkerDavid Brooks (NYT)Michael Shermer (Scientific American), and Richard Dawkins who writes: "Quillette, superb online magazine, stands up for the oppressed minority who value clarity, logic, and objective truth."

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My essay on so-called

 "cultural appropriation." 

     "Digging at the AKC Library"


          Dogs Today / May 2018

My thoughts on this notion of finding

     the right breed to match your

        "personality and lifestyle."


       Related blog post below:


 "Your Yorkie Was a Killing Machine"


    VICE Magazine / Nov 2017

Had fun chatting with VICE about the dark pasts of some favorite house pets. 

       "New York's pooper scooper laws

                   don't do shit"

  I strongly disagree in this interview with 


           The Outline / April 2018


Had a blast shooting the sh*t about canine waste laws

with author AJ Jacobs and HBO comedienne Abbi Jacobson.


(Episode #4 starting at 30:38 mins)


First radio show for the new book:


An Argument Against Pedigree Dogs


Word of Mouth

New Hampshire Public Radio


(Scroll down the page for my segment.)

Got an excerpt from the book on Wes Siler's great Infinitely Wild series with Gizmodo.


Why Breeding Pedigree Dogs

Is Just Eugenics By Another Name


A real honor to read at Labyrinth Books, Princeton's campus bookstore, on February 28th. Great discussion and nice people.


This wonderful "Wall of Dogness" was created to mark their first dog-book event.


Michael Brandow


A Matter of Breeding


Sat Feb 7, 7:00PM



Audience Q&A

Book Signing


Reading at the Writers Read event in Chelsea devoted to dogs.

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